American Ride

It’s all about catchy tunes and the twangy guitars.

Inspired by musicians like Blake Shelton, Chris Stapleton and Brad Paisley, American Ride is playing their own Nordic style of the New Nashville Country genre.

Some time ago after watching a great concert with an American country superstar, father and son, Ole and Christian, decided to make a new Danish country band. Luckily three other cowboys where looking for hire and joined them in their American Ride.

A few years later, March 2019 the band released their debut album. An album with songs about the three things in life – Love, drinks and more love.

Imagine driving in your pickup truck towards the sundown. One arm around your woman, one hand on the wheel and an ice cold beer in the cup holder – That’s the American Ride.

The band is:

Christian Odde  – Vocal & guitar
Ole Odde – Drums & Vocal
Hans-Henrik Hulgaard – Bass
Torben Holther Olesen – Guitar
Søren Dahl-Pedersen – Keyboards & Vocal